3 Tips for better business tweeting

It wasn’t that long ago that the word ‘twitter’ was simply defined in the dictionary as “to utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird”.
Not so anymore… Every day more businesses are becoming aware of the power of Twitter as a brand platform, sometimes learning difficult lessons along the way.
When you put your brand on Twitter, you put it out there, open to all manner of criticism and compliments alike, so you want to start with your best foot forward (not in your mouth).
If you are completely new to Twitter and need a crash course before you even type your first @, you could start here, with the comprehensive Mashable Twitter Guide.

These are three things we like to remember when tweeting.

1. Skip the ‘hard sell’

Twitter is a social media network and although people do use it for business purposes and to promote their products and services, no one likes to be assaulted with continuous advertising. It’s like watching Greys Anatomy on MNET during prime time. Rather intersperse your tweets with helpful or interesting or topical links. Start a conversation about something relevant to your business or find a creative way to market your product in a fun way that people will enjoy sharing.

2. Stay Relevant

This is the other side of the coin to our previous tip. While nobody wants to hear you warble on about your brand constantly, it can also be frustrating when businesses post lots of random content. If you’re in the pet industry, try to tweet interesting links, pics and chirps that relate to animals and pets. Don’t wander off on a tangent about plumbing or politics, or suddenly start promoting your sister’s BnB.

3. Be Helpful & Honest

It’s easy to forget on a social network that there are real people behind those avatars (well, some of the time at least!). As a business you need to treat them exactly the same way as you would treat them if they walked into your shop, restaurant, bank etc. Be polite and helpful. Answer questions and deal with complaints. Be honest. If you make a mistake, just admit it and try to move on from there. There’s nothing more ugly than a Twitter catfight and history has shown, that dishonest brands always come last in these battles.

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