3 Tips for more Facebook engagement

When discussing online influence, Facebook is often the first thing that comes to mind.
Some businesses wonder why Facebook is so important? The fact is, Facebook is where the people are! Acquiring Facebook fans for your business page is one battle, but the next step is making sure that they stay engaged, motivating more people to join.
As with most online communications, it requires thought and often a subtle hand. When all it takes is one click for people to walk away from your brand, you need to be adding, rather than detracting from their Facebook experience.


Here are 3 simple tips to start you on the path to making your Facebook fans happy!

1: Get Visual

A GOOD picture will sell your idea, product, event, special or brand far quicker than words. Facebook users (and people in general) are immediately drawn to attractive, shocking or interesting pictures online and the better the picture, the more likely they are to share it or like it. The stats show that Photos perform better than any other post type on Facebook & some experts say you should be using them for up to 80 percent of your posts!

2. Stay Relevant

Don’t just post for the sake of posting! Try to keep your posts relevant to your industry or topical conversations that are going on around the platform. Post interesting links, tips and news items that are relevant to your fans and win them over by being a helpful resource. Try and think like your fans and ask yourself what kind of content people interested in your business/industry may find helpful or enjoyable.

3. Tell them what you want

If you want people to comment, share or like your picture, include a CLEAR call to action that invites them to do so. Social media is popular because it gives people the power to do share their opnion constantly! Ask your fans questions regarding current events or enlist them to react to particular content that you’ve posted. Another way is to ask your users to share or like in order to get something – entry into a competition, a freebie or a share of their own.


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