3 Tips to stop annoying your Facebook fans

We’ve all comes to recognise them by now – those really annoying people on Facebook that just won’t stop posting pictures of their baby, or whining about how sad their life is, or enthusing about their gym routine.

But what happens when that annoying person is your business? Getting ‘Likes’ is crucial to growing your brand but at what expense? If you notice you’re losing more fans than gaining, you may need to rethink your Facebook strategy. We’ve got a few quick tips that might help you figure out whether you’re on the wrong track.

1. Begging

Don’t beg people for ‘likes’ constantly. It makes you look desperate and makes the fans you do have feel unappreciated. It’s cool if you let people know every once in a while when you reach a milestone or when you reward your fans for increasing your following, but don’t overdo it. You wouldn’t beg people to like you in real life so you shouldn’t do it online. You want people who will build a genuine appreciation and affinity for your brand and ultimately bring you business – not just beg for ‘likes’ in return.

2. Same Same

Try not to post the identical content on all your platforms. Mix it up a bit. If you have your Twitter feed auto-posting reams of content at prescribed times every day, it comes across as careless and lazy. If you’re going to use social media, you’ve got to try and keep your content fresh and original and interact with people in the appropriate way for the appropriate channel. Also… Facebook people don’t understand Twitspeak.

3. Spelling & Gramer

It’s a simple thing, but you should already know from the inordinate number of grammar nazis trolling around the internet that nothing angers people online more than bad spelling and grammar. If you are trying to put out the best possible message for your business then this is the easiest way to start and quickest way to lose respect. No one wants to work with/for people who don’t even know how to use spellcheck.

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