BHRD is Live & Loud

You may remember a little while back we introduced an awesome little site called BHRD that allows you to review places on the spot and see what others have posted about that place.

It’s a nifty little creation by our geek-team here at Safindit Labs. Like Loclgram, BHRD uses the Safindit API in tandem with Twitter to allow you to tweet the venue directly when you’re in range – once your location has been established – and will then keep a record of those tweets, creating a mini review site!

Ultimately our aim is to give a little bit more power back to the consumer, at the same time as giving venues more incentive to be accountable for the service and products.

BHRD has now gone live and we can’t wait to see the first mentions come in and hear what people have to say about the site itself.

Now’s your chance to say what you really think & Be Heard.


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