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Instant Office – Just bring your laptop

It’s a craze that’s been sweeping the globe. In a world where small businesses have been forced to cut overheads and Startups are the new black, an instant office is the perfect solution!
Recently we’ve seen more and more of these venues popping up around the country, each offering more support and fun extras than the next.

For those with more simple requirements, there’s the desk, chair, internet connection and phone line option. Then there are the more deluxe options that include meeting rooms, trendy wall art, a receptionist and even… pot plants! What more do you need to make your office feel warm & inviting?

For so many business people, the internet has made working a completely mobile experience, making their large & fancy offices seem bulky & expensive. With an instant office, you can still have an address and a place to park your briefcase, without the big bills.

Plus, you could meet someone cute at the coffee machine?

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