Heavenly chocolate dippingz in the Midlands

Anything goes with chocolate. This is the philosophy of Kereth & Cindeez Guilbride, the couple who opened Chocolate Heaven in Rosetta in the KZN Midlands.

This wacky, one-of-a-kind store is earning quite a reputation on the Midlands Meander for giving their customers a fresh taste sensation with their favourite ingredient at the centre!

Biltong, gherkins and even olives are some of the crazy components you might find yourself mingling with your melted chocolate delight during their patented Chocolate Dippingz Experience.
“We decided to do things differently,” explains Cindeez, “not your usual truffles, pralines etc. We have gone in a totally unique way with chocolates that contain biltong, curry, and many other combinations that really work. We also make more normal chocolates for the not so adventurous and therefore cater for all tastes.

However, she says, the biggest draw card at Chocolate Heaven is the Chocolate Dippingz® experience.
“This is where we sit you down give you a pot of melted chocolate and come and offer you a variety of different condiments, from your biltong, gherkins, olives to strawberries, fudge and Turkish delight. We have four trays of goodies to choose from, and one rule – YOU HAVE TO MAKE A MESS!”

Although Cindeez admits it takes passion to create such unique products, these wannabe Willy Wonkas only started concocting crazy chocolate recipes seven years ago.

“We were selling Antiques and Collectable items when the market turned and business was not that good. We prayed for guidance and this whole chocolate and chocolate dippingz idea came up. Everything fell into place when one of our close friends came to visit and informed us about the Best Belgian Chocolate, which he had just got distributorship for. We took this as confirmation. It took us approximately two weeks to completely change our shop around. Two days before we opened the doors, we sat down and made chocolates, and have not stopped since,” remembers Cindeez.

Far from worrying that their new venture was out of their comfort zone, it was the perfect opportunity for Kereth to use his chefs qualification.

Most people can only dream of digging their fingers into bowls of runny chocolate every day, but Cindeez says it’s not all delicious decadence all the time.

“Our climate is nothing like Belgium, so we have to keep our chocolate cool. We do not want to spoil the taste and do not want to add hardeners so that has its’ limitations. We are always trying to up our standards, because at the end of the day what we sell is fun fun fun!”

We couldn’t agree more…

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