Instagram + Locl = Loclgram

We could say a lot of cool stuff about Loclgram, our little hybrid offspring, but because it’s all about photographs, it will always be better to look at it!

Still, we would love to tell you a bit more about how and why it was created.
It’s really a bit of a Frankenstein in some ways, mashing up the API’s of Safindit, Instagram and Foursquare.

Using Foursquare’s existing Instagram connection, we were able to connect Instagram pics to places on Safindit. Wherever people had tagged a location on their Instagram pic using Foursquare, the pics would appear under the ‘Photos’ tab on the relevant Safindit business listing.
Then we started thinking that it would be so great if we could aggregate all those beautiful pics of South African places into once space where people could really get a feeling for the country and its people!

Loclgram now features over 6000 South African places. As long as they exist on the Safindit API and are tagged using Foursquare, those Instagram pics will appear in the feed.
You can use the Search function to look for a specific place or user or you can browse through popular images, users or places or simply view the last pics to be posted.

Click on the venue or user and you can see all the Instagram pics related to that person or place.
Using Loclgram, it’s easy to see which local places are getting the most ‘likes’ and which spots are the most picturesque. Not to mention what people are eating and drinking, where they dancing, sleeping, working, hiding… You get the picture.

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