Mi-Vami’s mobi gets grilled

Mi-Vami is Hebrew for the “who’s who” and this is the ethos that this shuvarma grill stands to embody.It’s a pity they couldn’t use their connections to create a mobi site that doesn’t entirely fall short of why mobi sites exist; namely convenience and usability.

That’s not to say that the site fails entirely, there are some strips of awesome goodness amidst the wash of terrible sauce. Firstly their mobi is basically a phone-compatible version of their web page, this is helpful in that there’s only one address you need to remember, but it’s also kind of lazy and isn’t exactly friendly to users who have data restrictions. Higher end phone users can make use of the high resolution and zoom right into their pictures, but why not have simple iconography instead of large clumsy photos?

By keeping the web and mobi sites the same, it’s also a lot easier to keep everything on the site up to date. You don’t want to feel like you’re missing out by using one platform over another, so by sharing the same site Mi-Vami can ensure that their specials, products, pricing and contact information are all current.

When it comes to actually viewing what Mi-Vami has to offer, they do both good and bad. All their information is available, but to the point where it becomes more of a burden than a pleasure to look through. I don’t believe that a mobi is there to be ogled over, but more for quick and simple information and purchasing. It’s awesome that they include a history of their business and what they stand for, but I don’t want to scroll through a brief history of the shuvarma industry just to order some lunch.
The home page is far too text heavy and should rather have a brief intro that leads into some simple collapsible menus, unlike the current ‘more’ button which gets lost in the rest of the site. The information is all there. It should just have big and simple buttons that take you to where you want to go, rather than having to search for tiny links buried in the rest of the site.

What’s the point of having a mobi-site for a restaurant if you’re unable to order food from it? Again I think this links to the mobi just being a phone compatible version of their web existence, rather than being a stand-alone that can receive orders and store user profiles and their shopping carts. It would be cool if there was a button that automatically connected you to their landline (considering it’s a mobile site) and the need to authenticate an email is silly, you should just be able to email them through your phones email programme or via a built-in contact system.

The map doesn’t seem to work either. Being able to find which branches are closest to you would been better. As far as the design elements of the site goes, I feel it could have been more visually appealing by tying into the theme more rather than having red banners and bland white backgrounds. Obviously readability is an important but it needs to be more visually exciting.

Considering the relatively small stature of Mi-Vami compared to other food retail giants, their mobi has all the basics required yet leaves a lot to be desired. Their efforts to be involved on a mobile platform are not in vain but there are a few small tweaks they could make to ensure an as efficient and enjoyable experience as possible.

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