Simply Living with Art

So many people would love the privilege of making a living from creating art. For Heather Wessels, this has become her daily reality.

After completing a diploma in textile design, Heather spent years working for others before she chose to go out on her own, starting Simply Art & Decor. Though she admits it hasn’t been easy going, she says the step was definitely worth it.

Today, the Durban-based artist creates unique contemporary pieces for homes and businesses.
“My art sells to all walks of life,” she said, “When it comes to creating artworks for individuals, it’s a wonderful time to explore with different mediums, colours and the usage of different tools and paints. It’s an opportunity to produce art that is unique to the individual, creating something magnificent in colour and design.”
It’s not always an exercise in freedom of expression though. Some clients are looking for something more specific.
“The clients will go through my website. If they like something I will do it for them, but it will be slightly different. Some customers allow you to have carte blanche, others don’t. When working with decorators you are very restricted.”

Heather’s journey into commercial art began with her creating Murals on walls and paint techniques on walls and furniture, but it all changed in 2005 when a friend asked her to do a huge contemporary piece. She took up the challenge and never looked back, gaining inspiration from the world around her.

“I hope that my clients can walk away with a beautiful art piece they can love and admire always.
Economic times in SA are not great and what I do is a luxury, so it’s not always easy, but
I love what I do. Being my own boss is hard but fabulous!”


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