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Flying through the air with the greatest ease

You’d have to be a little mad to allow yourself to be strapped into a harness, hoisted 30 metres into the air, then pulling a release cord that sends you plummeting into a free fall at up to 90km an hour, right?

Either that, or you can just be conned into it without knowing the details. Shame, that’s what I did to my best friend Christy the last time we went to Ratanga Junction.

The theme park will open on Friday (September 28) for the school holidays and is without a doubt, one of the funnest (yes, it is a real word) day out you can have with your clothes on. The ride to which I am referring above is the Sling Shot. Ratanga is probably most famous for its Cobra rollercoaster – now branded with a sponsored name but it will always be the Cobra to me – but the Sling Shot delivers a massive dose of adrenaline. Continue reading

Dive into an underwater wonderland

The Two Oceans Aquarium is, I believe, one of the shining jewels in Cape Town’s tourism crown.
But being Monday and all, allow me a small confession: I live in Cape Town. I love Cape Town. But man, oh man, I hate the holiday crowds. This especially includes children.

Yes, I know – they’ll be unleashed on the world once again next week and you’ll be looking for somewhere to take them; the aquarium is perfect for that. It’s pretty and it’s educational. Fun and awe inspiring even. But if you are like me and prefer to take your edification without being surrounded by hoards of screaming waist-high, ice scream-smeared creatures, then do yourself a favour and sneak off for a few self-indulgent and calming hours.

Entrance to the aquarium is not cheap, but if you plan to go regularly, get yourself a Soul Mates annual pass which offers unlimited access for a fraction of the price. They’re sneaky; you’re going to have to delve into their website a bit to find it, but it’s there and represents huge savings. Even buying your normal day ticket online is less expensive, so do your research.

Inside the aquarium a world of underwater wonder awaits you. The “Nemo” tank near the entrance, with its clear cavity into which you can immerse yourself in a cloud of swirling clown fish is a huge attraction for young and old. I suspect there are plenty of adults who wish they could fit in there.

Again, doing this with little ones or doing it as a grown up are two different things. As the latter, you can take your time and appreciate the magical beauty of marine life you’d never otherwise experience. Not all of us are cut out to be scuba divers. Continue reading

Top 5 Family-Friendly Wine Estates

Heading out for a weekend of delicious food & wine-tasting in the Cape Winelands can be a thoroughly relaxing experience. If you have a brood of small children in tow, that might not be the case though. We did some digging and came up with these 5 wineries that will provide both parents & youngens with an experience to remember.

1. Warwick Wine Estate

Warwick is made by family for family. Kids can run wild at Warwick with jungle gyms, sand pits and paddling pools, plus they are accommodated with cute picnic options tailored for little people. For moms and dads, there’s the ‘Gourmet Picnic’ filled to the brim with decadent delights.


2. Allee Bleue

Family-Friendly doesn’t have to exclude classy! The Allee Bleue Bistro serves quality contemporary cuisine using the best local produce, which you can enjoy in peace, while the kids frolick just within sight in the Kids Corner, which includes a jungle gym, jumping castle, trampoline and other fun activities that will have them jumping for joy. They also have fun kids food options.

3. Groot Constantia

One of South Africa’s most renowned wineries and a cultural-historic landmark, there’s plenty to do at Groot Constantia from food & wine to arts & crafts and then there’s Jonkershuis Restaurant. Dine alfresco overlooking False Bay or in the courtyard under the vines. Enjoy your leisurely lunch while the kids run free.

4. Tokara

The food, wine and environment are pristine, but that doesn’t mean kids aren’t welcome! At Tokara Delicatessen, there’s even a stylish playground with a treehouse/jungle gym, sandpit and swings. The perfect place for a breakfast with a view or a summery light lunch with friends.

5. Spier

Spier is a wonderland of fun and relaxing activities, complete with a kids favourite: animals! Little ones can run riot while you simply loll on your picnic blanket, or you can take them on walks and to visit the birds of prey and cheetah. Enjoy fine dining at Eight or wonder around the Craft Market.

Tailoring Teepee Dreams

Creative moms of young children often find their toddlers fuel their imaginations and in Tammy Sholto-Douglas’s case, her idea blossomed into a unique business.
Having sewed all her life, Tammy was intrigued when she saw a children’s teepee tent and decided she would like to make one for her young son.

“I grew up counting buttons and hand-stitching off cuts of fabrics on the floor of my mom’s sewing room. I am also a qualified graphic designer, and am constantly ‘absorbing’ my environment, deriving inspiration from a wide variety of things. I notice details and am challenged to solve problems – it’s kind of instinctual for me! It took three tries to get the proportions right with my first teepee. After that, I started getting requests from friends to make one for their children for Christmas pressies, and the rest is history!” Tammy says of the birth of Totem Teepee.

Today, Tammy spends her morning doing graphic design work and her afternoons sewing and working on her range of home-made products with her assistant Janet Mazibuko and her husband Roy. Continue reading

Tire ‘em Out Holiday Activities

Holidays can quickly go from exciting to exhausting when it comes to entertaining young children for long periods of time. Not only is it time-consuming to find new and entertaining activities to keep them entertained, but it can get a bit pricey too!

Share the load and find fun, outdoorsy or educational activities to tire out your brood while you enjoy a nice warm cuppa.


Combine fun & learning at Kids Traffic Land where kids can navigate the course in cars with a policeman as their guide. Kids can run riot at Yeesh. With slides, jumping castles and trampolines as well as plenty of fun activities to keep them entertained while you kick back with a scone. If you feel like a quick road trip, why not head out to Croc City? Kids can get up close and personal with crocs and other slimy and scaly creatures, after which they can roam freely in the play area. Gold Reef City is a treat for kids anytime, but now’s the time to take kids to see the McLaren Circus! Acrobats, contortionists and talented creatures will keep them highly entertained with 2 shows daily! Continue reading

We Collect so you can Connect

Our aim at Safindit is to make ordinary South Africans lives easier by providing up-to-date, correct and helpful information that’s quick and simple to use.

We do this by creating info-rich business listings which we aim to update regularly.

With Collections, we take this to the next level by grouping together listings around a certain theme that we feel will be interesting or helpful to our users.
We take great care and time researching, creating listings and compiling to create collections that are unique, creative, fun and topical.

We have collections for all tastes and personalities – from travellers and busy moms to foodies and music-lovers. We even have collections that are themed around local personalities.

For instance, if you were keen to buy a new musical instrument & didn’t know where to start, you could use this one! If you wanted to explore Soweto’s shebeens & clubs without a tour bus, you could start here. If you were looking for an au pair or childminder, you could try this one and if you were looking for the best place to get out on the town in Jozi, you wouldn’t need to look any further than here!

We do the research so you don’t have to! One thing’s for certain, you’ll not find anything like this elsewhere on the web! So, next time you have a minute, take a browse through and bookmark the collections you find interesting! Or better yet, give us some ideas for collections you would find helpful!

Daily Collection

Mom’s Helper – an extra hand for busy moms

A busy mom’s work is never done. There’s always something little or something large that needs her attention. Sometimes it can seem like an awful lot to deal with day in & day out.

That’s why we created the Mom’s Helper collection & filled it with handy goods and services that make mom’s lives a little bit easier. From nutritious ready-made meals to easy online gift shopping, trusted maids & au pair services and school transport – not to mention a little bit of community support from other moms!

We would love for moms to use our collection and give us ideas for other types of businesses that would be helpful to them in their everyday lives.

Daily Collection

Baby on Board – for the expectant Mom

Being pregnant is one of the most challenging, yet exciting times of a woman’s life. Nothing can compare to the feeling of knowing that you are bringing new life into the world. But it doesn’t come without stresses and concerns about your changing body and impending responsibilities.

This collection is dedicated to all pregnant women. We searched for some of the country’s best & most unique suppliers that can see to all your preggy needs – from decorating your baby room to stocking up on essentials and planning your labour. There are listings that address the practical issues – for instance ‘Moms UIF Assist‘ & others that will allow you to simply celebrate your pregnancy experience like, ‘Memory Moulds‘.

Lastly we touched on the newborn period with listings like, ‘Tiny Hands‘ – that will allow you to better communicate with your baby, ‘Mothers & Miracles‘ to help with early development.

We hope we’ve created a useful resource for expectant moms that they will want to share with their friends and families.

Babies with Healthy Bodies & Brains

When you hear the word ‘BabyGym’, you may start picturing teetering tots, clad in lycra doing bicep curls to Whitney Houston – or not.
Perhaps you’ve heard of the BabyGym® phenomenon and are considering taking your own bundle to class as soon as they have greeted the world. If research is to believed, you may have just the right idea.

Developed and founded by Dr Melodie de Jager in 2003, BabyGym® aims to stimulate a baby’s brain development and give new parents the tools to engage and relax their child in the crucial early developmental phases.
Dr de Jager was concerned that children were not achieving optimum school readiness and spent several years researching and studying which culminated in BabyGym®, the book – a self help guide for new parents. Eventually she developed a hands on stimulation programme that would demonstrate the simple yet effective BabyGym® massage and exercises for mom, dad, baby and/or caregiver. Today there are over 70 branches countrywide & Melodie still heads all research at the Institute and BabyGym®.

She was nominated for the Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year award in the Educators category last year and in 2007 BabyGym® won the DSA: VISIONS OF THE FUTURE award.

BabyGym® Instructor, Janet Wilson has been running her own centre in Hillcrest for the past three and a half years.
“I have always been a teacher! I think it is the only thing I “know’ how to do,” she said, “I studied to be a pre-primary school teacher. After I had my first son I already knew I wanted to work with moms and babies. But it was only after my third son was born that I actively started looking for a business opportunity where I could do what I love, teach and help moms with the development of their babies. I came across the BabyGym® website in 2007, I applied to be an instructor, I completed the course in January 2008, qualified in April 2008 – and the rest is history as they say.” Continue reading

Daily Collection

Mind my Child – a collection for peace of mind!

We understand what it means to be a parent and have to make the difficult choice of who cares for your children when you aren’t able to.
It’s a decision that often involves a lot of thought and care and it can take a while before you find the perfect candidate that suits your family and its needs.
With this collection, we wanted to help moms & dads to make this task a little bit easier.

By giving you a range of options to choose from, we hope to widen the search for your perfect nanny or babysitter, and present you with all the info in one convenient space!

Daily Collection

Killer Kids Parties – A collection to make the other mom’s quake!

We’ve all been the kid that has the lame birthday party at some point in our lives and it can stick with you forever…

Granted, some families just don’t have the budget or inclination to blow cash on something like a birthday party for a child, but every once in a while, it’s nice to do something really special! That’s where our collection comes in! Filled with venues and suppliers that will make any kids’ ultimate party dreams come true from Ben 10 to Barbie and (to infinity and) beyond!
If you yearn to make your child’s party the coolest, most exciting, most epic day of their year, then you need search no more.

Daily Collection

Join the Hunt – a Collection for the Kids

Easter is always a fun time to be with family, but it can be tough to keep kids entertained the whole time. We remember what it was like to be young and get so excited about Easter Egg hunting. The thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of devouring your loot! Whenwe stumbled across this article in Getaway’s blog, we were keen to create a collection that highlighted places that put the emphasis on kids entertainment this Easter holiday.


Speaking without Words

Signing for

How many times have you wished your baby could just tell you what it needs?
This age-old dilemma has caused many a sleepless night for new parents as they puzzle over the possibilities. Is he or she in pain? Are they cold or hungry or do they just need to be close to their mom or dad? You could read a hundred baby books and still not be able to determine the answer on certain days. Believe it or not there is a way to enhance the communication between you and your child with very little stress: sign language.

At Tiny Handz Monita Will is opening the door to a whole new world for parents and children to understand each other from as young as 6 months old!
“There is a general need for any parent to communicate with their child,” says Monita, “Whether it’s a baby who has not developed language skills yet, or a child who has difficulty in speaking due to medical conditions. This fills an important gap in any household, daycare environment, school and special centres anywhere in the country. The fact that we are currently doing training all over SA proves this!”
Monita knows first-hand how sign language can change lives. She started Tiny Handz after having to move for the fourth time to a new city so that her son could attend a special needs school. Continue reading

Smoothing the Preggy Bumps

Show off your Bump!

Pregnancy could be described as many things- beautiful, natural, exciting, unexpected, joyful, painful, trying, but never, comfortable!
Finding things to wear during and after pregnancy can leave women feeling like they may as well just give up and stay in-doors.
But there is hope! Bump Maternity Wear provides comfortable and practical solutions for the preggy and post-preggy body – that even add to your baby’s well-being!

“I started Bump 3 years ago when my son was 1 year old, as I was still breastfeeding and could not find anything practical to wear with easy feeding access without literally undressing,” explained Bump founder, Simone Zapf.
“Then I found nursing tops but I thought it would be way better to combine nursing and maternity wear into one item. After pregnancy you won’t fit straight away into your normal clothes so you carry on wearing maternity items but on the other hand you don’t want to look pregnant anymore. I also wanted to avoid the “preggy tent” look. That means Bump Maternity items are made to fit before, during and after pregnancy, they show your tummy off and allow easy access to nurse.”

Later Simone added the hugely popular Wrap me up – baby Wrapz carrier as well as other items like Amber teething necklaces, cloth nappies and baby sheep skin.
All the clothing in the unique Bump range, is designed by Simone herself, working from her own body and experiences in pregnancy. Continue reading

Learning Play by Play


THE way children play has increasingly become a concern for parents and teachers worldwide.

With the advent of new technology, children have been more and more drawn into TV and computer-based games and entertainment that experts feel, could be negatively affecting the way they learn and grow.

Avrille Gork, CEO of Educational Toy Centre, is somewhat of an expert in the field of ‘childplay’. A qualified Foundation Phase teacher Avrille is presently the National Chairperson of the SA Toy Libraries and Leisure Association, Executive Member of the SA Congress for Early Childhood Education and member of the Steering Committee of the S.A. Government’s Alexandra Renewal Project. She is also the Chairperson of the Johannesburg Mini and Junior Council.

She has worked extensively in rural areas with teachers from informal settlements and regularly assesses and makes recommendations for learning centres, both nationally and in neighbouring Southern African countries.
Educational Toy Centre is acknowledged as the largest supplier and stockist of educational material in Southern Africa and Avrille’s intimate involvement in the business means that special care is taken when sourcing and assessing all products sold through their online store and directly to the education industry.

Egg-shaped chalk

“Our first impulse as human beings in terms of learning is to play,” Avrille said, “Through play we begin to exercise life. Educational toys are essential in promoting vital skills that will be useful throughout life. Our goal is to present toys and educational products that continue to bring joy that is associated with play, and which in turn stimulates learning.”

From the assessment of new products, liaison with manufacturers, advising and assisting new and existing schools, toy libraries, educational institutions and advising parents in the selection of suitable and appropriate educational material, Avrille is hands on.
She is personally involved in conducting practical workshops for teachers in early childhood development, focussing on the evaluation and implementation of educational material, primarily at grassroots level. Continue reading