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Did you happen to see the News?

Once of the most exciting and helpful things we have integrated into our Safindit listings is the related news feature.

You may not have noticed it before but it’s unique to our website and has the power to take your business listing from ‘blah’ to ‘Boss’!

Take the Wakaberry listings for example. With the froyo craze in full swing, this business is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and popping up online all over the show.
If you go to any Safindit listing, you will notice a few tabs just above the contact details, namely ‘News’, ‘Related’, ‘Events’ and ‘Deals’. When you click on the news tab, you should find a selection of news and blog articles that our API has drawn in from around the web.
In the case of Wakaberry, you can see how well the feature can work. There are nine separate Wakaberry-related articles under the tab that range from brief mentions to reviews and features. Continue reading