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Use Twitter to BHRD!

Make yourself heard

Picture it. You’re sitting in a restaurant experiencing some of the worst food or service you’ve ever had. You want to complain to someone but you can barely get the attention of a waiter, let alone someone higher up. Plus, you want others to know about your negative experience!
In situations like this, you can use BHRD to send a tweet directly to the people in charge.Then others can read your tweet next time they look at that restaurant on BHRD.
Safindit Labs created the mobile site to try and put the power back into South African consumer’s hands- literally.

BHRD can easily be accessed from any smartphone and makes use of Twitter. Though you don’t need a Twitter account to browse the feeds, you will need one in order to post your own review.
Once you’ve loaded the site, BHRD will use your location to find businesses in your immediate area – from restaurants and hotels to plumbers and beauty salons.
Businesses loaded on the system that have an operational Twitter handle will appear on your feed.
When you open up the link of the business you want to review, you will be offered an empty box in which to tweet your review.

Also, once you open the link, you will see any other reviews and comments that people have left for that business. Each business’s feed effectively serves as a reflection of their customer’s experiences over time.

It’s quick and easy to leave your remarks – which, unlike a Facebook page, cannot be deleted by the business in question – and there’s no need for lengthy Twitter searches.
BHRD gives you the chance to relate your experiences on the spot so that they can, hopefully, be resolved just as quickly!