Top 5 Cape Town Bakeries

As with most things food-related, Capetonians are mad about their bakeries and, as usual, they are spoiled for choice with a selection so great that it’s almost criminal to start picking favourites… However, we’re going to do just that!

1. Jason

His croissants found fame at the former Jardine Bakery, but since Captain Bread opened his Bree Street hole-in-the-wall bakery, the work lunch crowd are just as interested in his delectable sarmies, bread, pies and quiches at Jason. Rumour has it the New York cheesecake is also mind-blowing.

2. Knead

What started out as a humble artisan bread shop has turned into a bustling franchise frequented by Cape Town’s surfers and salesmen looking for a killer cup of coffee and a decadent baked delight or even a wood-fired pizza for the lunch crowd.


3. Olympia

Charming and quirky, Olympia has won the hearts of the Kalk Bay locals with its’ wholesome baked goods and meals, divine speciality breads and good coffee. Famous for their ciabatta, people have been known to make the drive across town to get their fix.


4. Dinkel

Bread is the firm focus of this tra­di­tional German bakery with specialities including 100% rye, dinkel­brot, plum­cake and apple cake. Sit down and indulge in some Dormans cof­fee and milch­bro­etchen and don’t forget to leave with some pretzels.


5. The Foodbarn

Not strictly a bakery, but certainly skilled in the art of producing magnificent fresh pastries, pies, cakes, muffins and biscuits, which are baked daily at dawn. This explains why Foodbarn is such a popular choice for breakfasts. But really, the country-chic relaxed atmosphere and amazing food is a hit with locals and visitors at any time of day!

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